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I originally belong to Shikarpur but was born in Nawabshah and have completed my primary and secondary education form Apwa School, Govt. Boys School and Shah Arfi Sharif Grammar High School Nawabshah. After that, I was admitted to Govt. Degree Boys College, Nawabshah where I became eligible for graduation.

I yearned to be a scientist since I was a kid, thus I did study Computers, and I have a good grasp on its many complexities and particularities, which is why I consider it the most interesting engineering field I could hope to understand.

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Following my ambitions and immense interest in computer engineering, I chose it as the area of specialization for my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. After completing my bachelor and master studies, I started working as Assistant Professor in Computer Systems Engineering Department at Quaid-e-Awam Engineering University, Nawabshah.

By observing the vastness of my chosen field of study, I feel to enhance my dexterities in order to inline with the current research and development. Being an academic professional, I find it particularly incumbent to acquire more professional skills, expertise and research experience so that I can effectively contribute to the teaching field. Therefore, I decided to go further with my studies and started my PhD in the Image Processing and Interpretation research group at Ghent University, Belgium.

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Curriculum Vitae

 Zuhaib Ahmed Shaikh


PhD researcher, IPI research group, Technicum Block-3, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium.

Cell# +32-497-190700

Email: zuhaib.ahmed@ugent.be

 Carrier Objectives

To pursue my career in challenging research area of Computer Systems Engineering and to gain excellence plus expertise in my relevant field.

 Relavent Skills & Experience

  Technical Skills:

  •  Platforms:
  • Windows (System Administration and Development), Ubuntu
  •  Programming
  • C/C++, Python, MATLAB, ASSEMBLY, HTML+CSS, JavaScript, PHP, GNU C++ with
           languages: OpenCV, dlib and Tesseract OCR libraries
  •  Technical Softwares:
  • Electronic Workbench, VM-ware, orCAD-PSpice, Boson NET Simulator, Proteus, MS Office
  •  Short Cources:
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (Training), Certified Wireless Network Administrator
    (Training), Microsoft Certified System Associate/Administrator (Training)


      Conference Paper: Automatic annotation of pedestrians in thermal images using background/foreground segmentation for training deep neural networks
      (IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, Australia, 2020)
      A Hybrid Technique for Copy-Move Forgery Detection
      (3rd International Conference on Computer and Communication Systems, Japan, 2018)
      Machine Learning Based Number Plate Detection and Recognition
      (International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, Italy, 2016)
      An Autonomic Service Based System Using Machine Learning
      (International Conference on Mobile Computing & Computer Technologies, 2014)
      Article: Connecting Mobiles Through Internet (VoWifi)
      (Silver Medal in 21st All Pakistan Electrical & Electronic Engineers Students' Seminar, 2006)


    1 month internship in PTCL, Misri-shah Telephone Exchange, Defense Phase-8, Karachi-Pakistan



    Appointment Time Period Nature of Job Organization Professionals Skills
     Sep, 2018 to up-to-date  PhD Researcher  UGent, Belgium  Research in the field of Computer Vision
     Jan, 2016 to Sep, 2018  Assistant Professor  QUEST, Nawabshah  Teaching & Research in Computer Systems
     Jan, 2008 to Jan, 2016  Lecturer  QUEST, Nawabshah  Teaching skills in Computer Systems
     Nov, 2007 to Jan, 2008  Technical Support Executive  eWorld, Karachi  System & Network Administration


    Qualification University Research Group/Department Year of Passing Division
     Doctor of Philosophy  UGent, Belgium  Image Processing and Interpretation  In progress  ---
     Master of Engineering  QUEST, Nawabshah  Computer Systems Engineering  2015  1st
     Bachelor of Engineering  QUEST, Nawabshah  Computer Systems Engineering  2007  1st

     Language Proficiency

    Full comprehension of English, Sindhi, Urdu and started learning Dutch


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    Curriculum Vitae

    Thesis Projects

    Course Material

    Engineering Project (Ingenieursproject)

    Embedded Systems: Algorithms Lab (Ingebedde Systemen: Algoritmes Labo)

    Visual Programming (WPF using c#)

    Computer Systems & Programming

    Object Oriented Programming

    Operating Systems

    Microprocessor Systems

    Web Engineering

    Short Course

    Arduino Programming and its applications

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    Thesis Projects

      Thesis Projects:

      Master Thesis Supervised:

     Performance comparison of image feature detectors in forgery detection

      Bachelor Theses Supervised:

     Technical Study of DMA processor  Comparative study of WDM with DWDM
     Implementation of VPN for QUEST Network  Departmental Database Solution for QUEST
     Hiding data in digital images using steganography
     Microcontroller based low cost automated vehicle
     QUEST online clearance system  e-Noticeboard for QUEST
     QUEST Online Form Submission System  Web based Radio using Ice-cast server
     Automatic Door Unlock System Using Arduino
     Low-cost biometric attendance system
     Finger print based car ignition system using Arduino  Computer vision based intelligent car parking management

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    Feel free to contact me without any hesitation


    Zuhaib Ahmed, PhD Researcher, Office #, IPI research
    group, Technicum Block-3, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium.

    Phone No.


    Cell No.




    Office Hours

    Monday to Friday - 09:00AM to 05:00PM (CET)

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    Zuhaib Ahmed Shaikh | Image Processing and Interpretation group, Ghent University-Belgium